Bold Commitment To Serve - For The Life Of Our Lockers

A flawless installation is the benchmark. Delight at each stage is our standard.

We not only make Australia’s most functional and durable lockers, but we also empower builders, designers, and architects to break the stigma of mental health and build an environment that fosters happy and healthy minds.

At Activelocker, we are keen to ensure everyone gets a stress-free experience with our products because we believe that our clientele deserves not just ergonomic lockers – but guaranteed storage and office solutions every step of the way.

We stand by our 40-year reputation of providing seamless locker solutions to basically every group of users imaginable. Whether it’s a quick fix or a meticulous solution-seeking process, the extent that we go to helps us provide the right outcome for our clients. And that makes them 100% happy!

Because really, we love working to the enth degree!

Our Team. With a proven track record, our friendly production team coordinates all preparations to ensure lockers are delivered successfully within project time frames. Our staff members have years of unparalleled experience in the industry and are established experts at what they do.

Production. The quality control of our entire production process is very closely managed. Our lockers are mindfully designed to suit our clients’ specific needs. Defect-free. All the time. We value user-experience above all else so we make sure all factors are considered before handover.

Three Stages of Service & Support


Project Consultation

The journey to advocating healthy minds starts with a locker design. But finding the right locker design for a specific environment can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. Over the years, we have committed ourselves to facilitate a consultation process to accommodate the locker needs of our client base – even if this means generating a pile of reports and end-to-end meetings to come up with the perfect solution.


Flawless Build & Install

We build solutions every step of the way. We don’t just tick boxes. We guide our clients as they move through the design and customisation process, installation, and operations; so they don’t have to worry about anything. This means we are able to deliver defect-free lockers of any quantity and size even on a tight schedule. We never miss deadlines.


Ongoing Service & Support

We’re with you for the life of the locker – and we mean it! We care about the people using our lockers as much as we care about our lockers. It’s frustrating to be on the other end of support when the support team isn’t fully outfitted. At Activelocker, being proficient and responsive is paramount. We are most happy to engage in meaningful conversations that will help clients feel confident and at ease with their lockers. We’re just a call or text away!

How We Work With Architects

We help architects and designers find the perfect match for their project requirements. We meticulously go through the design process to ensure nothing gets overlooked upon handover. By granting architects the flexibility to customise their lockers without sacrificing the users’ comfort level, they are able to create modernised spaces that businesses want to be in.

Ultimately, we work hand in hand with architects to deliver not just aesthetically pleasing locker designs, but lockers that represent their clients’ brand and identity.

How We Work With Builders

We always bring our A-game when it comes to creating intuitive storage solutions for our clients. That is why builders love to work with us! We always come up with the right solutions to address their specific needs.

Our long history of collaborating with builders has equipped us with the competency to execute even the most demanding project timelines and requirements. Defect-free all the time. Right on time.

How We Work With Facility Managers

We help facility managers come up with the perfect storage solution for their specific environment. By getting rid of the usual locker nuisances that may become the straw to break the camel’s back, their daily operations become smooth and efficient. And it doesn’t even end there – we provide ongoing support for the life of the lockers!

No more clutter. No more interruptions. Just more storage and convenience. This is how we make sure facility managers get the end result they need 100% of the time.


  • "I just wanted to say what an INCREDIBLE job you did on Banco. The joinery was the best I’ve ever seen on any project I’ve worked on. It was also so great working with a joiner who had as much enthusiasm and passion for the job as we did! Can you please thank other members of your team for me as well? Congrats and I hope we get the chance to work together again! Have a great evening."

    CLARE PETTIT Interior Designer, Bates Smart
  • "The collaborative approach, expert execution and attention to detail exhibited by the team: has been critical to our projects success ..."

    AMANDA STANAWAY Principal, Woods Bagot
  • "For more that 10 years we have shared a common goal of building quality work and meeting deadlines which has in turn provided Buildcorp and ActiveLocker repeat clients. Together we have worked with some of Australia's best designers including Woods Bagot, Bates Smart and Hassell, and international designers such as Clive Wilkinson Architects and Perkins + Will. I have no hesitation in bring all designers to ActiveLocker to collaborate on bespoke joiner never before attempted."

    MATTHEW PATOULIS Project Director, Buildcorp Interiors
  • "ActiveLocker's dedication to providing the highest level of service, in both management and site presence has not gone unnoticed. No challenge has been too great, with any set back being overcome with technical expertise and attention to detail, even under the strict time constraints imposed by the project. The quality of installation, full compliance and adherence to Buildcorp’s HSE policies and willingness to seek out the best outcome at all times demonstrates your full capability as a business. "

    ANDREW STENT Contracts Manager, Buildcorp Interiors

We are doing so much good together

Crucial Conversations

Guiding clients and the market to make decisions for the well-being of people.

Purposeful Partnerships

Partnering with professionals working at the coalface of mental health issues.


We spend time in our communities working to improve well-being.

Because Flawless Lockers Are No Longer Enough

We know an awesome, flawless locker installation is the benchmark today. But while we are known for our precision work, you may not know what drives us, or the lengths we go just to make your experience with us so damn delightful…

Together We Are Changing The World

We dream of a world where people are happier, more creative, and better at what they do. One locker at a time.

Activelocker is dedicated to improving the well-being of people using our products. This is made possible through our conscious effort in designing human-scale lockers and furniture that they can trust and fully depend on. We focus on solving the challenges brought about by stress relating to the specific environment they’re in. By eliminating stress triggers caused by inefficient lockers, we positively impact people’s well-being.

Together, let us break the stigma of mental health and empower ourselves to build a brighter, happier, and healthier future.

How we got here

Our 40+ fruitful years have taught us about the ins and outs of the locker industry. Our mission has evolved in response to what we have learned during this period.

It’s no longer just about flexible design options but more on why we need to be flexible. This has led us to focus on working with our clients to establish mutual benefits between the users’ well-being and the environment they’re in.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As we’re approaching a point of no return on climate change, our decisions today will determine the extent of its impact over the next centuries. That is why Activelocker is committed to taking part in the drive towards carbon neutrality. We’d like to help build a sustainable future, as we care deeply for the planet that sustains us.

This means that we are on the journey to limit carbon emissions from our operations. Supporting our products enables our clients to become active participants in healing the planet.

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