The client and design team wanted to take this opportunity to foster an Australian Artist.

When the team at Hassell met with our Solutions Specialist, they spoke about their vision to have a mural painted on the vast number of lockers for this project. When everyone else said it simply couldn’t be done, ActiveLocker was determined to find a way.

After months of researching different materials, paints, processes, and strategies, we finally had a proposal. ActiveLocker offered to host the artist in our paint shop, turning it into an art studio for the duration of the project. Coordinating all the moving parts to this project was a monster task, and this arrangement allowed us to build efficiency. Each mural section was set up on a 15-meter long wall. It took 5 days to complete each mural plus another 4 days of drying time. it was then wrapped packed, and sent to be reassembled on site.

This 2500-piece oversized puzzle was installed over 5 levels to the AMP headquarters in Melbourne. It creates a truly inspirational impact on the workplace environment and the employees.

Designer: Hassell

Builder: Buildcorp

Client: AMP 1MQ – Melbourne Quarter

Because Flawless Lockers Are No Longer Enough

We know an awesome, flawless locker installation is the benchmark today. But while we are known for our precision work, you may not know what drives us, or the lengths we go just to make your experience with us so damn delightful…

Together We Are Changing The World

We dream of a world where people are happier, more creative, and better at what they do. One locker at a time.

Activelocker is dedicated to improving the well-being of people using our products. This is made possible through our conscious effort in designing human-scale lockers and furniture that they can trust and fully depend on. We focus on solving the challenges brought about by stress relating to the specific environment they’re in. By eliminating stress triggers caused by inefficient lockers, we positively impact people’s well-being.

Together, let us break the stigma of mental health and empower ourselves to build a brighter, happier, and healthier future.

We are doing so much good together

Crucial Conversations

Guiding clients and the market to make decisions for the well-being of people.

Purposeful Partnerships

Partnering with professionals working at the coalface of mental health issues.


We spend time in our communities working to improve well-being.

A new standard in Service & Support

Cultivating positive user experiences throughout the life of the lockers has brought us delighted and repeat clients – which we couldn’t be more thankful for. And then it got us thinking, “Could there be anything better than flawless?” In our own terms, there sure is!

Over the years, our passion for our craft has only grown, and we know we can even make things more efficient than it already is. We want to be far more capable. Far more competent. Far more responsive. More proactive than ever. And it’s already in the works. Stay tuned.