We are a purpose driven organisation

We want to feel good about what we do, and that means we need to help others feel positive too. While it’s true that our work essentially revolves around lockers, we also focus on the lasting impression our products make on people.

Many clients we work with think of lockers as boxes with doors and locks, and in some ways, they are right. But only because they have a prioritised focus on deadlines and budgets, rather than the people using these lockers and how these will impact their daily life.

We take our time to understand people’s behaviour with regard to storage use, and this allows us to make qualified decisions on how to make their locker experience as comfortable as possible.

We are now driven by the mission to deliver positive experiences for all user types when it matters most to them. We’d like to encourage designers and builders to shift their focus to creating an environment that fosters happy and healthy minds. Our goal is to unlock human potential by shifting the paradigm from stress and discomfort to pleasure and vitality.

Together We Are Changing The World

We dream of a world where people are happier, more creative, and better at what they do. One locker at a time.

Activelocker is dedicated to improving the well-being of people using our products. This is made possible through our conscious effort in designing human-scale lockers and furniture that they can trust and fully depend on. We focus on solving the challenges brought about by stress relating to the specific environment they’re in. By eliminating stress triggers caused by inefficient lockers, we positively impact people’s well-being.

Together, let us break the stigma of mental health and empower ourselves to build a brighter, happier, and healthier future.

We are doing so much good together

Crucial Conversations

Guiding clients and the market to make decisions for the well-being of people.

Purposeful Partnerships

Partnering with professionals working at the coalface of mental health issues.


We spend time in our communities working to improve well-being.

Our Journey to Purpose

Throughout our history, we have made many breakthroughs and strategic choices.

The beginnings - Naturally Good

Unlocking Creativity. Activelocker was founded with a simple objective: to unlock people’s creative geniuses in corporate environments. We started with the idea of providing builders and architects the freedom to customise their locker designs and materials (which weren’t available in the marketplace at the time).


Unlocking opportunities. Within a few years since we launched, we’ve expanded our job to solve common and pressing issues in the locker industry. We worked to develop consistent communication channels, improvise timelines, and off-load the stress of dealing with deadlines and design constraints. As our growth continues to accelerate, we find more opportunities to service our clients better and more proactively.

Present Day - Purpose First

Unlocking humanity. Exceptional service is truly what our purpose is about. We realised it is not enough to make our clients happy with efficient lockers delivered ahead of time. Our mission has now evolved to charting a new path towards achieving happy and healthy minds within our communities. Through our impact initiatives, we plan to lay the foundation for a happier and mentally healthy future.

Because Flawless Lockers Are No Longer Enough

We know an awesome, flawless locker installation is the benchmark today. But while we are known for our precision work, you may not know what drives us, or the lengths we go just to make your experience with us so damn delightful…

A new standard in Service & Support

Cultivating positive user experiences throughout the life of the lockers has brought us delighted and repeat clients – which we couldn’t be more thankful for. And then it got us thinking, “Could there be anything better than flawless?” In our own terms, there sure is!

Over the years, our passion for our craft has only grown, and we know we can even make things more efficient than it already is. We want to be far more capable. Far more competent. Far more responsive. More proactive than ever. And it’s already in the works. Stay tuned.

Our BOLD commitments to you

We believe that everyone can thrive in healthy environments. That is why we have devoted our energy to designing products that elicit the best response from people in various environments.

We happily offer designers and architects free reign to create custom storage solutions that are not just fit for purpose but also for the character of their overall design. Our human-centric approach helps us deliver delightful experiences that people value and appreciate.

How we got here

Our 40+ fruitful years have taught us about the ins and outs of the locker industry. Our mission has evolved in response to what we have learned during this period.

It’s no longer just about flexible design options but more on why we need to be flexible. This has led us to focus on working with our clients to establish mutual benefits between the users’ well-being and the environment they’re in.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As we’re approaching a point of no return on climate change, our decisions today will determine the extent of its impact over the next centuries. That is why Activelocker is committed to taking part in the drive towards carbon neutrality. We’d like to help build a sustainable future, as we care deeply for the planet that sustains us.

This means that we are on the journey to limit carbon emissions from our operations. Supporting our products enables our clients to become active participants in healing the planet.

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