We have a bold vision for the world

ActiveLocker (Enth°) is a brand that truly cares about people – all people.
Our definition of a delightful experience goes deeper than the aesthetics and functionality of our lockers. At its core, “to delight” means we deliver a level of service that zeroes in on the well-being of people using our products. We want to help build a world that makes mental healthcare a reality for individuals and communities.

From the heroes of healthcare, the vibrant LGBTQ+, the Spirit of our Indigenous kin, the inspiring educators to people from walks and “wheels” of life – we actively consider their thoughts, feelings, and needs in all that we do to honour them and their humanity.

Activelocker and Enth Degree Projects have contributed to and have participated in community well-being campaigns (through partners) for many years. Now, we want to take a leading role in advocating healthy minds for our team and the wider community by spearheading various awareness programs.

How we are bringing it to life

Team well-being is a key focus for us. The best safety equipment and procedures are applied to empower our team to perform their best. Job security and career development opportunities are also a high priority for our organisation. By ensuring that our team members feel valued, safe, and secure within the workplace, we enable them to redirect their energy into more positive outcomes for themselves.

Sadly, the people in the Australian Construction Industry hold some heartbreaking statistics around mental well-being and suicide. That is why we have taken the initiative to engage in awareness programs that would help our team members better themselves. This way, friendships are formed. Lifelong connections are established. And a strong sense of team culture is bolstered.

We are doing so much good together

Crucial Conversations

Guiding clients and the market to make decisions for the well-being of people.

Purposeful Partnerships

Partnering with professionals working at the coalface of mental health issues.


We spend time in our communities working to improve well-being.

Helping Crucial Conversations Happen

Promoting happy and healthy minds is a fundamental strand in our philosophy. And it always begins at an individual level.

Activelocker and Enth Degree Projects are enrolling all our staff to The Resilience Project – or – This Way Up – or Mood Gym – Mental Health Guru – Online/apps which walk us through a daily program to identify and improve the health of our minds and emotions.

Purposeful Partnerships

We are making strides in supporting mental well-being campaigns, one step at a time. We’d love to help steward the construction industry to do the same. Ultimately, we believe it is our duty to be good humans and unlock humanity.

As our amazing client base grows, so does our impact. We want to make the message loud, clear, and most importantly, common. Our vision is a world where stigma has been dismantled and all our stakeholders are reaching their true potential at work, at home, and in their communities.

Community Participation

We commit to taking an active voice in the world to help further the mental well-being of our communities.

A portion of our profits is funded to our positive impact initiatives by supporting organisations that deliver real support to at-risk people. We also commit to volunteer our time participating in activities and events that promote holistic well-being in our communities.

Because Flawless Lockers Are No Longer Enough

We know an awesome, flawless locker installation is the benchmark today. But while we are known for our precision work, you may not know what drives us, or the lengths we go just to make your experience with us so damn delightful…

A new standard in Service & Support

Cultivating positive user experiences throughout the life of the lockers has brought us delighted and repeat clients – which we couldn’t be more thankful for. And then it got us thinking, “Could there be anything better than flawless?” In our own terms, there sure is!

Over the years, our passion for our craft has only grown, and we know we can even make things more efficient than it already is. We want to be far more capable. Far more competent. Far more responsive. More proactive than ever. And it’s already in the works. Stay tuned.

Our BOLD commitments to you

We believe that everyone can thrive in healthy environments. That is why we have devoted our energy to designing products that elicit the best response from people in various environments.

We happily offer designers and architects free reign to create custom storage solutions that are not just fit for purpose but also for the character of their overall design. Our human-centric approach helps us deliver delightful experiences that people value and appreciate.

How we got here

Our 40+ fruitful years have taught us about the ins and outs of the locker industry. Our mission has evolved in response to what we have learned during this period.

It’s no longer just about flexible design options but more on why we need to be flexible. This has led us to focus on working with our clients to establish mutual benefits between the users’ well-being and the environment they’re in.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As we’re approaching a point of no return on climate change, our decisions today will determine the extent of its impact over the next centuries. That is why Activelocker is committed to taking part in the drive towards carbon neutrality. We’d like to help build a sustainable future, as we care deeply for the planet that sustains us.

This means that we are on the journey to limit carbon emissions from our operations. Supporting our products enables our clients to become active participants in healing the planet.

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