Planter Frames

Unlock humanity with planter frames that help reduce stress at work.

Planter Frames are amongst the most popular furniture in interior fit-outs – and we all know why! The psychological impact induced by office plants is so great that it has now become a staple in almost all workspaces. 

Planter frames are perfect for work environments that are facing regular stress and mundane situations. It is an ideal plant support system that accommodates two plants comfortably. Planter frames are made of 20mm thick square metal tubing, usually powder-coated with black or charcoal metal frame but can definitely be in whatever colour you prefer. 

If you want to give a bit of outdoor touch in an office interior, have some Planter Frames installed on top of your lockers. You’ll be happy you did it.

Images are indicative only and may include optional decorative features, all dimensions are nominal. 

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  • 500 mm

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