Planter Box

Unlock humanity with planter boxes that connect you back to green environments.

Stress recovery brought by plants in office settings has been proven time and time again. Even the mere sight of an indoor plant can significantly affect the stress level of office workers.

These Planter Boxes are specially designed to help boost the mental well-being of people spending most of their day at work. With its timber material that hits close to nature, these neat and soothing planter boxes significantly help in mitigating stress and fatigue at work. The interior of these boxes is waterproof to ensure safety in the surrounding area.

Frame: 16mm HMR PB E0/E1 PEFC White Melamine

Table Leg: 16mm MR MDF E0/E1 PEFC Melamine

Images are indicative only and may include optional decorative features, all dimensions are nominal. 

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  • 500 mm

Product Features