Unlock humanity with digital locks that will suit your ideal locking system.

Digital locks boost the aesthetics of any locker environment, and they help optimise the functionality of this space. With a myriad of different lock options to choose from, what makes these digital locks the right one for you?

Go for Digital locks if you want some extra features and benefits that will steer you to your ideal locking system.  With their user-friendly and quick access advantage, these products will make your locker environment function the way you want it to.

Additional Features:

  • Public or Private Mode
  • 4-digit Pin Code
  • 3-5 Years Battery Life
  • Master Code Override
  • Master Key Override
  • Programmable Time Release
  • Programmable Time Lockout
  • Programming Code

Images are indicative only and may include optional decorative features, all dimensions are nominal. 

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Product Features