Curved Locker Ends

Unlock humanity with Locker Ends that embrace the beauty of curves.

Curves are often designed to soften a furniture’s impact, helping them blend well into the surrounding workspace. If you haven’t noticed, we instinctively love curvy things – from glasses, phones, to cars. Our eyes are subconsciously drawn into it!

Our Curved Locker Ends will help transform the interior of any workspace into a homely environment where people will enjoy staying in. This piece of furniture reflects a sense of graceful fluidity derived from the softness of nature, which explains why humans feel the connection. 

Get this if you need to add a bit more of fluidity into your office fit-out. You can have this installed into your lockers or walls, depending on where you think this will be beneficial the most.

Images are indicative only and may include optional decorative features, all dimensions are nominal. 

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  • 500 mm

Product Features